sábado, 12 de junio de 2010

Carta de una adolescente

Hello, I know you can't see me but I'm talking to you anyway. Hope you're fine, hope it's everything alright, hope you're kinda sad because of me. Haha is that selfish? Maybe it is, but I can't help it, you know. That is how it feels to be in love. Actually I don't love you... do I? I'm not sure about that, let's pretend I haven't said that. Sorry, I can't erase it. I'm kind of a mess, but that's just cause I'm nervous, I'm shy. Well, the fact is I like you, more than a bit... a lot. And I was wondering if you feel the same way, perhaps you do feel this way. It would be nice...
Send? Erase? Send? Erase? Sent.

xoxo. ♥

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