miércoles, 7 de julio de 2010

Just Friends

You say a lot of things like "you're so perfect" or "I need someone like you with me" but you don't really mean it 'cause we are only friends. The truth is I fell for you the first time we met, when it was still summer and we could feel the sun's heat . I don't blame you 'cause it's not that easy to see but inside my heart's aching , it feels like it's almost breaking because of you.
It's my fault for dreaming without a single proof, just dreaming someday we'll meet and you'll tell me you're nothing without me, just dreaming.
Do you know what I hate the most? When you tell with a worried face how much you like that girl and how hard you wanna have her. All I do is smile and give you some advice hoping it don't work and you come to me again.
Do you know what hurts the most? The way you smile when you are with me, the way you say you miss me, the way you hug me and the way you talk so close to me. I want you, I want you really bad.
Will you realize someday?

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