sábado, 18 de septiembre de 2010


I glanced at you two times, the first one to see what was all about
and then to be sure I wasn't raving. This is how it all starts...
Hair: done, make up: done, everything is ok. Slowly stand up and
start shaking, wild and crazy.
I bet there's where you started making ideas 'cuz your eyes were
glued to me, so I get a little bit closer to make your heart stop.
I got what I wanted: some fun, one night, a little bit of love.
I'm sorry you lost it but it was fun, that night like we were lovers.
It's a game we're playing, you're the prize I'm going to throw away.
A little bit of begging, a little bit of rough. You know you want it, you
wanna have fun.
I can't help it, with every guy you're just one of the bunch. Tomorrow
I'll forget your face, tomorrow I'll go for your friend. I'm sorry you're
crying tonight, maybe you fell in love but I can't help it, this is the wey I am.

There's just one thing it was not in my plans, I didn't count with the fact
you're not just one of the bunch, at least not from that bunch.
I glanced at you three times and with the third one I proved I was
fantasizing, you couldn't be true.
So hot and fresh, so cold and rough. I wanted to have you, I was looking
forward to that night, I really was.
Hair: done, make up: done, everyting was in its place, but you didn't look at
me, not even once. Maybe you're kinda egocentric and I have to beg a bit.
That's it, we kissed. Such a tasty tongue and that fleshy lips... this is the night
I've been dreaming of.

Sorry you said, I'm a player and I just wanted some fun tonight.
Never heard of you again but now I can't love again since I've
tasted the best I've ever could. Bet this is the price I must pay for the pain
you went trough.

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