miércoles, 20 de julio de 2011


I make mistakes and I won't apologize for that because that's what life's about... making mistakes and learning from them. Still, I'm not an idiot and I realize there are some things for which I should apologize and I will. In this process of learning I've hurt some people I care about. Some of them where my friends, some of them were just people I know. But it doesn't matter who they are or how much have they done for me, that doesn't justify the fact that I've done wrong and I'm truly sorry for that, for all the damages I've caused.
I know that asking for their forgiveness doesn't mend anything at all and even less when I'm not brave enough to say this directly, but I'm not really waiting for anything in return. I just wanted to say this even once, even here, so I can feel better. I've learned this lesson and I won't fail again. I'm sorry. Thank you.

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  1. Ctrl+Z, such a perfect display of human worshipping of guilty gods.

    I agree with your statement's kernel notwithstanding, I think Ctrl+Z would allow an infinite bifurcation of time and space which would yield a stalemate, a meaningless life. Everybody would be trapped in a perpetual doing-undoing cycle, which does not really amount to improvement, let alone happiness.

    We are imperfect creatures, failing regularly. It's almost impossible not to hurt anybody. After realizing that fact, we have to go on, without looking back.

  2. Increíble. Te pedí episodios nuevos de Phineas & Ferb, y Disney Channel está anunciando episodios nuevos para hoy y la próxima semana. Magi-sama!!!

  3. Esa frase es deliciosa. Como todas las que no dice Ferb, como el Mamaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaá de Candace, o los símiles ridículos de Doofenshmirtz, o el "¡Monograma fuera!", o el "¿Qué están haciendo?" de Isabella.

    Definitivamente, una de mis series favoritas.


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