jueves, 20 de octubre de 2011


This photograph does express pretty much everything I feel towards art, particularly towards dancing. In this year and a half I've found this whole side of myself, a part of my soul wich is very different from everything I've ever been.
I have learnt so many things from so many people and each of them showed me differents ways of loving what I do.
I've been blown away by the feeling of being in scene and expressing through motion. It has become an ecstasy to my body.
Definitely dancing is a part of who I am now, a huge part, and it also is what I want to be tomorrow.

Esta foto es una toma de la pieza "Addiction" coreografeada por Mia Michaels y llevada a cabo por Kupono Aweau y Kayla Radomski en la quinta temporada del programa televisivo So You Think You Can Dance?

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