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Five steps to make your guy fall for you.

Become unforgettable: This is the keyword of making someone falling in love with you. Be unique, authentic and behave with a natural coolness. Be yourself and leave marks. Be unforgettable for every person.
Be compared: Once he can't forget you he will start asking why. He'll meet new people, he'll date with other girls and he will start asking why you're still on his mind, so he will compare the new girl with yourself. But you have a plus this girls won't have: they're not as YOU as you are. And that lead us to step number three...
Be missed: He finds that any girl in the world will have that "thing" you have that makes you unforgettable, so he starts missing that and missing YOU. That will provoke a weird feeling inside of him that will make him want to see you.
Be needed: He can't forget you, he compares you with his girlfriends, he misses you and now he NEEDS you. When you have a need you, won't be happy until you fulfil your desire. The only way of stop needing a person is to have it next to you. That makes him to look for you. This step involves a phonecall, an email or even a visit. He will try to make contact with you and once he founds that you are the one for him...
Be loved: ...he falls for you.

(There's a little detail that makes this method unperfect... how do we become unforgettable?)
Love is unpredictable. You can't buy it, can't force it, can't come up with a method to make it easier. Because love is different for every person and it works in completely different ways with each one of us. Just be yourself, i'm not sure that will make someone fall for you, but at least you will be sure that you are loved the way you are.

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