martes, 22 de mayo de 2012

Save our world and you'll be saving yourself you selfish bastard

Some words can make some hearts ache
In this times, the ache is easier to find than a flower about to blossom
Some actions can kill some lives to live
Today no one can say they are free from guilt

Missing your childhood is fine
Missing the lack of responsabilities is okay
But missing your happiness is worrisome
You should be jumping of joy right now

Life has changed, people has too
But our world is the same as the very beginning
We should start caring about that
Because when our world change, we would never be able to go back

To go back to life.

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  1. Beautiful message, nice verses. Why are you not jumping for joy right now? Because life has changed and so have people? Because of responsibilities? Let them be. Happiness lies within the seemingly small things of life. However, I concede that realizing this fact is not an easy goal.


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